About Us

Manufacturer, Importer, Indentor & Suppplier of Dyes, Chemicals & pigments

About Us

Color Style Bangladesh Ltd. is one of the leading Company of Industrial dyes and chemicals specially textile, leather, plastic industry at Bangladesh. We are very much aware about the impact of the people, planet and business. We are serving our customer as business partner and provide 360-degree solution.

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Our Mission

To position high end brand value with innovative quality products, sustainable solution, nonstop service and competitive price point to customer and supplier to meet their individual’s goal.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver innovative customer-tailored textiles chemicals and protect the people and planet from unforeseen damage.

Core Values


Color Style Bangladesh Ltd. has set a legal and ethical standard based on local laws and international standard. The company is respectful to the planet, people and have logical profit and growth through its operation. One of our Principle aims and responsibilities is to confirm sustainability to our earth. For our products and manufacturing sites, we diligently adhere to environmental and other related regulations.


Color Style Bangladesh Ltd is continually looking for innovative methods to improve its products and services. To offer eco- friendly products, we are constantly improving our manufacturing procedures and business processes. We have our standard laboratory and create synergy with research institutes to promote innovation and quality improvement.


Our company's success is dependent on the quality of our goods and services, which underlies our corporate objectives. One of the keys to achieving our operational excellence is through a well-planned Advanced Process Control. Our production procedures, products, and application methods set the highest standard. We comply with the RSL & MRSL, of ZDHC, OEKO-TEX® Inditex, H&M and C&A. We offer a vibrant workplace culture, talent development programs, and we are dedicated to employee success.